This was fun, and emotional for me. When I found the old audio that explained how I started the “Musicians Cyber Cooler Newsletter” in 2001 I went, “Holy Cow I’ve been doing this for 10 years.”  I’ve changed the name before. I dropped the word “Cyber” when most people associated it with sex. I’m changing the name of the Podcast to “Marketing Musician Podcast.” To me the name is a bit more obvious, as opposed to having to explain that “it’s like a bunch of musicians hanging around a water cooler.”

So today we hear some very old audio, and every ID I could find. I had fun listening to the different accent from across the globe. I smiled when you hear people pimp their myspace pages (see Thanks to everyone who has ever been on the show. I really appreciate it. I’ve always said, it’s not my podcast its OUR website. I’m going to need new IDs so send them on in to dave “at” marketingmusician “dot” com. You can still call them in at 888 563 3228.

Joe Bonamassa Vintage Interview

Back when this was only “audio on the website” an unknown blues guitarist named Joe Bonamassa had just released his 5th CD (Joe is now THE blue guitarist, and recently played the Royal Albert Hall with Eric Clapton and many other superstars). I wanted to share this with the audience as Joe is a great example of working with the fans, going the extra mile, using social tools like twitter and

The interesting thing about this interview is that its from 2004, and you hear Joe’s take on going the extra mile for his fans. Seven years later he’s playing Royal Albert Hall. He’s just released his second album with Black County Communion and he has the schedule now to release an album (or two) each year, tour, and continue to grow his audience. He has a show on Sirius satelite radio, and he uses affiliate tools so his fans can get paid to promote his CD. He continues to work hard, so that his hussle matches his talent. Its obviously paid off.

Check out Joe’s music in iTunes
Joe Bonamassa or Amazon.

Marketing Musician On Deck

I look forward to working with everyone in the future. If you have an idea for a future podcast, please let me know.

We are always looking for:

Tales from the road

Cool New Tools on the Internet

Gear reviews (seriously, did you buy some gear? Call in a review).

Anything you think a musician would find interesting.

See you in a few weeks


The band I’m in started mid year. This is a horrible time to try and break into clubs. Then one of the clubs we were booked for the rest of the year decided to dump bands. We have no gigs for the rest of the year, so what do we do?

1. Divided the state into sections with each band member taking a section.

2. We will focus on follow-up.

The idea is to not follow-up that we are annoying, but so that we can implant the idea into the booker’s head that we are the “cancellation band.” (hoping they don’t think that WE cancel). This way when (not if) some other band cancels a gig the name that will come up in their head is my bands. We will be the band they call. Once we get the gig, its ours to lose.  Things we can do to stay in their face.

1. Invite the booker to hear us if we play a club near theirs.

2. Drop of merch if we have any.

3. Send a post card (You can use a service like Vertical Response and do this without leaving your computer).

Some people say is saturating the market by supporting podcasts. To this I ask, “What is the number 2 audio book company?” By keeping their brand in front of their target market (people who listen to audio), audible is the first name we think of when it comes to “I’d like to try listening to a book.” What audible is doing is keeping in the face of their target market.


A Great Resource For Sharing Musical Ideas

If you are looking to share”Musical Ideas” with your band, check out This is a cool site that not only lets you share files, but it synchronizes folders between computers. I use it with my Podcasting Clients, and I love it. Not only does it work on computers, but it works in iPhones, Androids, etc.  For more information go to 

This podcast took 58 minutes to record, edit, and publish.




Mixcloud Niche Site for DJs

September 1, 2011

Tweet I just stumbled across a website that allows you to upload your music for free, and then put a player on your site. It’s It’s based out of the UK, and currently I don’t get the  catch. They are all about streaming (no legal rights to deliver downloads) and there seems to be […]

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Music Phone Book is Now Music Page

August 30, 2011

Tweet We’ve talked about in the past that musicians need to be able to keep up with technology, and embrace the tools that are available (while not spending 24 hours a day on the computer and losing the magic that is meeting face to face). Many moons ago I interviewed David Codr about his Music […]

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Great WordPress Shopping Cart For Selling Digital Products On Your Website

August 23, 2011

Tweet Someone had sent in an email about what shopping cart I use. I found a WordPress Plugin called estore that stops people from sharing the download link. The customer never receives the actual link to the file (its encrypted). You can use it create packages, it accepts coupons for paypal, and if you need […]

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Smiles Everyone Smiles!

August 21, 2011

Tweet David Lee Roth once said that he jumps around on stage because he wants the audience to jump around. In his immoral wisdom he said, “You just need to do it without throwing a rod man…” I was listening to a jazz station this Sunday morning and heard some old Bennie Goodman (my mother […]

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Indiana State Fair Collapse

August 17, 2011

Tweet The Band Cheap trick dodged a bullet and now the Country Band Sugarland decided to “wait a second” before going on stage. This is video is shocking to watch – especially knowing that four people died. I point this out to say “the show must go on” is not a true statement when it’s […]

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Your Demo CD – Explain How Your Band Benefits Clubs

August 13, 2011

Tweet When you are trying to get your first gig, you want to explain to the club or event how THEY are going to benefit. Late night TV infomercials help you understand the problem you didn’t know you have (Is your cheese crooked? Do you hate having wrinkled cheese?), then they explain how their product […]

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Does Your Band’s Wesite Have The Basics?

August 11, 2011

Tweet One of the keys to being a great singer is having a unique voice. John Corabi was in a band called The Scream, and later was tapped to replace Vince Neil in  Motely Crue 1994 (I loved the Crue with John). He was also in a band called Union with Ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick. […]

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Make Yor Own Rewards Program

August 10, 2011

Tweet I just read about this service at where you can build your own loyalty program. While they have a built in catalog that gives away gift cards, you can make your own. Your fans/visitors get point for doing certain tasks each day at your site. For example: Visiting your site every day – […]

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